Writing a feature article video

Either way, basing your feature article around something unusual or out of the box will provide for a more fun and challenging writing process, an interesting and engaging article and a better chance of getting your work in print.

How are you going to hook your audience?


Of course, the great part of knowing the rules is now knowing how to break them. Who would replace these fixtures? But think about all that might have led to that moment. What does a sick and lonely man talk about with one of the few people he trusts?

However, there are many different elements to magazine writing and publishing that the feature writer needs to consider. Those can be the best endings. They usually can be improved by rewriting to eliminate all writing faults. Talese would map out his stories and then try to make each point he needed to make—to insert each fact the reader needed to know—through scenes.

Just like any story or essay, you need to grab your reader in the first paragraph. Remember that each publication has a specific target audience, and a distinct style of writing. Nothing puts editors off more than a poorly written article that requires copious amounts of editing to even come close to being print ready.

You have to seduce them, keep them engaged and make it all pay off.

Feature Story: Definition, Format & Examples

Morris Journalism Academy will show you not just how to write a feature article, but also how to sell it. Instead, they more often have novelty leads.

And stories are driven by tension. Scenes, however, can still drive the way the story unfolds. Do you see it there? Unlike a news story that provides facts, a feature article digs deeper, giving your reader a more in-depth view of your topic or opinion.

Unless your teacher or editor has given you a word count, there is no set limit on the number of paragraphs for your story. If the introduction is the sourdough bread, the body is the delicious filling to your feature article sandwich.

As the course is conducted online, you can undertake it from any location in the world. So it is with nonfiction.

How To Write A Feature Article

They rarely have news leads. The only question is who. An unknown figure slumped over the bar. Think of the whole story. And it promises some kind of satisfaction or reward.

In Other words, features can be about anything, you want to write about. Well, said the young woman, maybe you could help us schedule games against some of those AAU teams. Through your freelance journalism career you will become very close to your new friend:What makes good feature writing?

In this video, professional journalists such as Kathleen Morgan and Kevin McKenna describe feature writing and reveal how they write their features.

Most feature articles contain one of more of the following elements. Probably one of the important tasks of writing a feature article for a magazine is coming up with an effective headline.

How to Write a Feature Article for a Magazine

This is a short and simple line that grabs the. That type of article is called a feature. When writing a lead, try to keep the paragraph short--two to three short sentences at the most. Other multimedia options include a video or audio.

The Secret To Writing Stronger Feature Articles

Video: Feature Story: Definition, Format & Examples In this lesson, we will learn about feature stories and how to write effective human interest pieces that leave a lasting impression. Feature Story: A feature story is any piece of writing that falls between the cut-and-dried news story on the one hand, and the w holly fictionalized story or opinionated essay the other hand.

It is the product ol tactual reporting and reporting to which are added story elements of imaginative writing and interpretation. The special feature article is similar to news story in that it gives. Aug 20,  · How to Write a Feature Article.

Featured articles are windows into the human experience, giving more detail and description than a hard news story, which typically relies on the style of writing.

Features focus on an event or individual, 86%(86).

Writing a feature article video
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