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Have the two students sit in the middle of the class so that all students can see and hear them as they work through the peer-editing phase.

Put your characters into an interesting situation Given them a problem that teaches a lesson Added some dialogue to spice it up and keep it interesting. This tool serves multiple purposes, including: Can you identify the problem?

When they are ready for the editing stage of the writing process, students should edit their writing and then meet with a partner to engage in peer editing.

Model the use of the self-edit column with the displayed text, with you assuming the role of author. Afterward, include the entire class in a discussion about the process itself and ways in which the editing session will help the author and peer editor improve on their writing.

While the students are working in groups, move from group to group to check their understanding writing a fable checklist image the editing process and use of the checklist.

Then either write it down, or dictate it to a parent, or video-tape it and then write it down. Finally, discuss what went well and what could be improved in the editing steps that were modeled. During the Summer Writing Program, you have: About the Author Shari Shari Popejoy, wife of twenty-eight years, mother of three, founder of a local co-op for hundreds of homeschool children, author of seven books, and creator of Won Without Words a blog of encouragement for wives lives in the quiet country of the Ozarks where she enjoys writing surrounded by nature and her children, of course.

Can you add some dialogue to make it more fun? Do you need to change any words to make it a fun story to listen to? The interaction between peers will help make the editing process more explicit. Read her blog at WonWithoutWords.

Let an adult read it and listen to their suggestions. Then have a volunteer fill out the peer-edit column so that all students can hear and view the process. To do this, first choose one student to model the self-editing phase.

Editing Checklist for Self- and Peer Editing

She enjoys high places and the road less traveled, and moments when all is well, and peace permeates like a fragrance. Practice telling your story out loud to siblings, parents, and friends until you get your story just the way you want it. That student works through the items in the self-edit column as the other students observe.

It is helpful to put the editing checklist on an overhead projector or document camera so all students can see the process. Next, choose another student to serve as the peer editor for the piece that was just self-edited.

Before you begin, be sure to model and discuss each step of the writing process prewriting, drafting, revising, editing, and publishingpreferably using a whole-class story or class newsletter article.

Please note that the revising stage precedes editing.Name _____ Fables Checklist Title Author’s Name Indented paragraphs Characters that are animals Characters that act like people (personification). How to write a fable by lolaceituno via slideshare fables - My site how to write a fable (slideshow) See more.

by lolaceituno.

Genre Study Organizers and Printables. + Writing Prompts (with writing checklist) image 2. We had to do stuff like this in jr high english and I loved it! See more. Fable Writing A fable is a short narrative that exemplifies a moral or principle of human behavior; that is usually stated in the conclusion of the story.

The characters, setting and actions become a symbol of human nature. Directions: Go online and research Aesop’s fables at. Fable features and proofreading fables. 6 customer reviews. Author: Created by Nthabiseng. Preview. Created: Apr 23, | Updated: Jan 20, There is a short note for pupils reminding them of the features of fables.

There are 4 fables to proofread and edit by putting in the correct punctuation, including speech marks/5(6). Fable Writing Checklist.

Fable Writing Checklist

More articles by Shari read it to friends, cut it down to size, and submit it to the Injoy, Inc. Fable Writing Contest! Here’s a checklist for you: Practice telling your story out loud to siblings, parents, and friends until you get your story just the way you want it.

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Writing a fable checklist image
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