What is surrogacy and why might it be used essay

What are the Reasons People Might Choose Surrogacy?

Babies touch the world with love. There is a blanket ban at surrogacy in different countries including Italy, Thailand. Then, they will need to find a woman who is willing to become surrogate mother and meets all those requirements.

Nonetheless, a successful pregnancy is still influenced by the factors of the age of patients, age of the surrogate mother, knowledge of medical personnel, quality of eggs, sperm and embryos, timing of the process of insemination, endometrial and hormone levels, the latest technologies and the mother nature that we cannot control WeeCare Partners USA LLC [WCPU], n.

All the expenses of the surrogate mother during the period of pregnancy and post- natal care relating to pregnancy should be bone by the couple seeking surrogacy. Perhaps if infertile couples were unable to employ a surrogate to have a child for them, they would go about getting a child in some other way, one that would be much more beneficial to society.

In Harymurti et al. Nevertheless, surrogate parenting is attracting wide spread attention as a viable alternative for infertile couples intent on having a child. In order for surrogacy to work with its initial intent, there can be no exceptions to this law.

This is because they are facing some health problems or worrying about their body shapes will get distorted.

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Essay UK - http: The Convention of the Rights of the Child proclaims that every child has a right to know their parents, to have their dignity respected and protected, to be protected from trafficking, and so on.

Moreover, surrogate mothers might have put their health on the risk Lott-Harrison, n. Artificial insemination is the fertilization of a female with sperm from a male partner or donor Worell, The ends will justify the means. And although to some people this might seem to be an acceptable alternative, surrogacy in fact is not only traumatizing and exploitative, but also immoral and should be proclaimed illegal.

To determine the legality of surrogacy agreements, the Indian Contract Act would apply. It is the same with alcohol: These medical tests might put her in stressful and exhausted conditions. Pros and cons for surrogacy. Instead of deciding surrogacy issues on the basis of the law and policy of the states, judges could look for guidance from the U.

However, throughout the recent decades, there has been another option for such families:Because it is the surrogate's egg that is used for the pregnancy, the surrogate is also the biological mother of the child. With the gestational surrogacy process, the embryo is created by using sperm from the biological father and an egg from the biological mother through the process of in vitro fertilization.

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Why Surrogacy Should Be Illegal

Pros and Cons of Surrogacy Essay Sample. How suffer is it for women unable to get pregnant? In Harymurti et al.’s () article about the low birthrate in Japan, women are blamed for the responsible to give birth as Hakuo Yanagisawa, the minister of health, labor and welfare in Japan, had labeled them as the “birth-giving machines”.

Surrogacy Essay

Surrogate Motherhood: Comparing Two Articles Essay - “Time to Ban Surrogate Motherhood,” written by Lynda Hurst and “Surrogate Motherhood: Why it Should Be Permitted,” written by Allan C.

Hutchinson, are persuasive texts where the authors’ attempts to influence the audience to agree with their side of the argument on surrogate motherhood.

What is surrogacy and why might it be used Essay

We will write a custom essay sample on Surrogacy specifically for you for only $ $/page. Order now The Report submitted by Women Service Society (Kerala) in December, desired that appropriate, detailed records of all donor eggs, sperms or embryos used and the manner of their use be maintained.

legal professionals and parties.

Pros and Cons of Surrogacy Essay Sample

All of Anderson's points concerning the legality of commercial surrogacy due to the idea that it creates alienated labor, humiliation, and exploitation are all valid arguments, in my opinion, though some may object because surrogacy alleviates infertility/5(3).

What is surrogacy and why might it be used essay
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