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Performance analysis of timedependent queueing systems: Before such queueing systems reach a steady state, they pass a transient phase. Output gap and global market returns A3.

It may well happen and has happened in the past that not all applying students will be assigned a topic. Additionally, a comparison to performance measures, e. Interessierte Studierende melden sich bitte bei thesis. We expect uni mannheim master thesis presentation programming skills and knowledge in business process management and corresponding modelling languages.

The student is expected to describe the problem of optimizing state-dependent service rates and to present an overview of existing literature in this field. If many packets are waiting, the controller reduces the queue length by choosing a high transmission rate. Based on this idea different versions of the SDA have been developed.

Candidates will typically investigate the state of the art in logical and probabilistic methods for decision theory, implement or adapt an existing method and apply it to a given decision problem. Afterwards, few heuristics solution will be developed to effectively address the integrated scheduling problem.

An example are wireless controllers that transfer data packets with a certain transmission service rate. Macroeconomic fundamentals and operating profitability A8. Optimization of state-dependent service rates In many queueing systems, the service rate can be adapted to the current workload.

We expect some knowledge in IT- Management and Organization as well as basic knowledge about modern IT infrastructures. European Journal of Operational Research 1: The Value of Index Membership T3.

The assignment of the seminar paper topics is based on the average grade in the courses of the Finance Area and your priority list from the seminar application form.

Priority will be given to students with a high semester count. We are further interested in case studies on supporting business and also personal processes using process data and models. Managing the transient phase: A study of heuristics and their performance. Recently, the assumption of deterministic task times has been questioned and one stream of research focuses on developing robust models.

You can find the online application form here. On the technical side, topics of interest include the generation of process models from log data process miningthe validation and comparison of process models as well as the prediction of process behavior.

A comparison with existing approximations of the relaxation time and the development of an own approximation based on regression analysis are expected. This serves as a basis to implement a well described solution approach from the literature.

In cooperation with the RUM — the main provider of IT services for the University of Mannheim — we offer different topics for master theses that are concerned with the improvement of service provision. Smart Process Technologies Today the majority of data available is produced by processes in terms of log files from software systems and readings from sensors that are observing processes in the physical world.

Interested Students should contact Professor Stuckenschmidt heiner at informatik.

Master's Thesis

As an initial step, meaningful test instance have to be created which capture the variety of operating environments of time-dependent queues.

Basic knowledge of queueing theory e. For the course FINan additional presentation date will be announced soon.

Writing a Masterthesis

IT Service Management IT service management ITSM is concerned with the implementation of quality IT services that meet the needs of customers, and is performed by the IT service provider through an appropriate mix of people, process and information technology.

Gwiggner, Claus, und Sakae Nagaoka. GAMS wie sie z. The underlying general optimization problem is to adapt the service rate of a queueing system to the current number of items in the system. The student has to implement and test an iterative solution algorithm in order to solve this model in reasonable time.

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Examples of Master's thesis topics

The student is expected to discuss the underlying optimization problem and present the relevant literature of this field. Insgesamt sind bei uns ca. In this phase, the performance of the queueing system changes over time even though all parameters are constant.For participants in a seminar and master or diploma students writing an empirical thesis at a chair of the Area of Finance (not only the Chair of Finance), tutorials on empirical work with Stata and the databases of the University of Mannheim (e.g.

CRSP ot Compustat) will be offered at the beginning of each semester. Guidelines for a Seminar Work and Bachelor/Master Thesis at the Chair of Information Systems II Presentation After completing your thesis, you have to present your findings to the chair, its current The Chair of Information Systems II proceeds according to the rules set by the Business.

Examples of Master's thesis topics. Interessierte Studierende melden sich bitte bei mi-centre.com(at)mi-centre.com für weitere Informationen. OPM - Introduction to scientific writing and presentation for term. Presentation of Master Thesis Topics The master thesis topics will be announced on August 27, on the homepage of each Chair.

The presentation of master thesis topics takes place on Wednesday, September 5, in. The Chair of Production Management offers different types of Master's theses: Examples of potential Master's thesis topics can be found here.

Master Thesis

Introduction to scientific writing and presentation for term papers; Master's. Current Offerings - HWS In the spring/summer semester (FSS ), the Chair of International Finance will offer about 8 master thesis topics in the area of "Empirical Finance" for master students at the University of Mannheim.

Uni mannheim master thesis presentation
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