Term paper on confucius

Term Paper on Confucius

For more than two thousand years Confucianism has been the most popular religion in China and only Buddhism and Daoism can complete with it, no wonder the personality of Confucius has become very important for the religious and cultural worldview of the nations of Eastern Asia.

If someone speaks insincerely and dishonestly, and if he is not humble and respectful, then he will have trouble even among his own people. Need a custom research paper on Biography Term Papers?

Confucius is the ancient philosopher on the ancient China. In spite of being called a religion Confucianism does Term paper on confucius have any connections with theology, as there is no god for Confucius, there are no church institutions, no temples or sacrum places.

Enjoy our professional term paper writing service! His view of government was paternalistic, and he enjoined all individuals to observe carefully their duties toward the state. The Chun-Tzu or self-actualized, virtuous, perfected person, does only what is right, which leads to the proper way to live otherwise known as Tao.

Consequently, I believe that submission to elders and filial piety are virtuous, yet not the foundation of all virtue. Confucius had a great concern for education, and so historians say he started a school -- but it was not at all like schools today.

Despite having grown up in a lower class home and without many friends, It became all too obvious to me that in order to maintain my ideals and morality while peacefully coexisting with the barbarians or other freshmen in my dorm, I would have to exercise many of the virtues of the Chun-Tzu, such as honesty, humility, and respect.

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The philosophies of Confucius stressed ethics, order, stability and morality. Further in the verse, Confucius also makes a parallel statement about fame.

The Chun-Tzu devotes himself to the fundamentals. Confucius surely knew the formula of respect through humility. He came to believe that the only remedy was to convert people once more to the principles of the sages of antiquity.

I worry about my lack of ability. He therefore lectured to his pupils on the ancient classics. During the four years immediately after his marriage, poverty compelled him to become a sevant for the chief of the district in which he lived.

This shows that he prefers letting his actions speak entirely for themselves. The entire teaching of Confucius was practical and ethical, rather than religious. Personally, I feel that this statement isn"t exactly true.

Likewise, those less inclined to do so were usually the individuals who hadn"t an original thought in them, and all the while reeking havoc and drumming up controversy around us. So doesn"t it make sense that at the basis of the proper way to live or Tao, we find filial piety, or devotion and respect for parents and elders?

After his birth th I feel that actions speak louder than words, because it takes the same amount of energy to utter highly self-flattering statements as it does to speak precisely of your actual abilities.

Eddie was the 2nd of two children. If further evidence is needed as to the influence of Confucian thought, in China today, "more than 2 million children are enrolled in programs teaching Confucian classics" Mooney, Confucius set the idea of the ideal structure of the human society, where everyone has his own role, so it is important for students to learn about the philosopher more and to get to know about his life and activity.

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She used great citizenship and initi Confucius did not put into writing the principles of his philosophy. Confucius as Teacher and Statesman:Confucianism Paper Confucianism developed during the Spring and Autumn Period from the teachings of the Chinese philosopher Confucius (– BCE), who considered himself a retransmitted of Zhou values.

Confucius Term Paper Posted on August 31 by Todd Hale Confucius ( BCE), according to Chinese tradition, was a thinker, political figure, educator, and founder of the Ru School of Chinese thought. Philosophy term papers (paper ) on Passages From The Analects Of Confucius: Glen Szabo Intro.

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Philosophy/Passages From The Analects Of Confucius term paper Creation in Confucianism Research Papers - Confucianism is a moral and social framework developed by the Chinese philosopher and government official, Confucius and based upon the five principles.

Buddhism in China research papers investigate the spread of Buddhist teachings in a country where Confucianism rules.

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Eastern Religions Research Papers - Buddhism in China term papers. Confucius Term Paper: Confucius is the ancient philosopher on the ancient China. His ideas had a great impact on the life of China and Eastern Asia and were the basis of the religion popular in those areas called Confucianism.

Term Papers words | ( pages) | Preview Mencius and the Expansion and Elaboratoin of Confucius' Notion of Human Nature - Mencius and the Expansion and Elaboratoin of Confucius' Notion of Human Nature The Eastern religions often focus on the human nature and condition.

Term paper on confucius
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