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The main elements which will change is the approach to addressing the challenges faced by the child protection systems.

Each point within the framework will require partnerships with different members from multi-agencies, however, my role as a carer for adults, I can partake in the implementation of points 1 and 2 in particular. The focus of these mixed strategies and interventions will be on the provision of primary service and early prevention programs which will be carried out and coordinated by non- government agencies as these have received government funding, including the provision of out of home care services.

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By the s, we began to see a different response from government assuming more responsibility and increasing its use of legislative power to enforce adequate standards of care. Greater emphasis on teaming up services so that they deliver a more unified response to families with multiple and complex Protecting the children essay is also prevalent Scott, A research project funded by South Australian Department for Families and Communities, conducted by Lewig, Arney, Salveron states that social workers when working with refugees or CALD group, need to incorporate culturally competent principles, knowledge of full community resources, use of an adult interpreter when needed, working closely with community around the service user so that they are able to locate culturally appropriate foster families, able to develop relationships and also include and encourage the whole family participation in decision making so that a common goal is set.

Secondly, it will focus on more recent government child protection policy responses and reforms, the Special Commission of Inquiry into Child Protection Services in NSW which specifically identified challenges and gaps in the NSW child protection system.

Triple P, for parents with childrenuniversal home visits to every parent with a new baby. Children and families access adequate support to promote safety and enable early intervention- Collaboration between the adult sectors and child protection in working towards a child focused and family centred practice, information sharing, helping the family access the relevant resources at the right time, and intervention at the right time.

One of the key recommendations of the Wood Royal Commission, and consequently a primary objective of Keeping Them Safe, is for the NGO sector to play a more significant role within child and family services. This paper also looks at three supporting outcomes stated in National Framework and how it can be applied in the two adult sectors that this paper focussed on.

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The inquiry leads to recommendations, strategies for legislative, structural and cultural change in the NSW child protection system. Without this information Child protection workers will not be able to develop and organise appropriate programs that meet the individual and complex needs of these CALD children Kaur, Onthe findings of this Special Commission of Inquiry into Child Protection Services in New South Wales were released in the form of a three-volume report containing recommendations.

Likewise Australian child protection authorities also receive huge amount of notifications of suspected child abuse and Protecting the children essay from Refugee family backgrounds, particularly new arrivals from African and Middle Eastern countries.

The Keep Them Safe Interim Review Spatial Mapping and Analysis Final report also found that expenditure on Keeping Them Safe projects has generally been directed towards areas of high need, is had also highlighted some locations with apparently high needs that may still be missing out.

Research shows that the number of children from the CALD culturally and linguistically diverse background presented in child protection whose parents are mentally ill is not available. Making FACS responsible for responding to cases where there is a risk of significant harm, Child wellbeing units established to assist determining cases of children at risk that warrant FACS intervening.

More essays like this: Increasing the role of non-government organizations in delivering services. Data like this is of much importance and funding for such research is essential.

Bullying or Peer abuse As its definition goes corporal punishment refers to a kind of punishment or penalty imposed for an alleged or actual offense, which is carried out or inflicted for the purpose of discipline, training or control, by a teacher, school administrator an adult,or any other child who has been given or has assumed authority or responsibility for punishment or discipline.

These instances should never be dismissed. Keep Them Safe Reform Review According to the National Approach to Child Protection Project Report, child protection systems in Australia have experienced higher numbers of notifications and larger administrative burdens.

Better Protection for Children at Risk e. They are more lax and no focus.child protection essaysDiscuss the impact of the media, cultural issues and commonly held beliefs on victims/survivors of child abuse and their families. words. In this paper I have examined the impact of the media, cultural issues and commonly held beliefs on victims/survivors of child abuse.

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Print Reference this. Published: 23rd March, Disclaimer: This essay has been submitted by a student. This is not an example of the work written by our professional essay writers. In the case of Samantha and her children the referral offers enough information to meet the criteria.

Child Protection Essay Sample For this assignment, I will be explaining my role in safeguarding children and young people. I am aware that I do not work with children or young people, however the protection and advocacy for this sector of society is, I believe, everyone’s responsibility.

Learn why adults abuse children, examples of physical and sexual child abuse and neglect, warning signs of abuse and neglect and how to stop them.

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Protecting Our Children From Abuse and Neglect Home. Protecting Children from Exposure to Violence in the Media Essay Words | 4 Pages. Protecting Children from Exposure to Violence in the Media Children and adolescents in the United States are exposed to violence in increasing numbers each year.

This free Social work essay on Essay: Child protection policy and reform is perfect for Social work students to use as an example.

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