Luxury hotel internet marketing case studies

Secondary objectives were to increase the online bookings, the twitter followers, the Facebook fans and the views of the videos on YouTube.

Search engines value regularly updated and relevant content and consider websites with great content more relevant to search queries than others. When referring to search engines, while we consider all search engines in our research and insights, we primarily focus on the data provided through Google.

To increase the brand awareness by focusing on the internet users and to build an e-mail database that could be used on the future for Email campaigns. HeBS optimized over pages of the website for the most relevant keywords, fixed typos, deleted expired packages, and added pages that were necessary to accurately and more thoroughly describe the resort.

You must put your best foot forward with a website that meets best practices. The best SEO Luxury hotel internet marketing case studies you can do is to build your brand. This is proven through evaluating case studies of the actual performance of our recommended Internet marketing initiatives.

Text links have consistently shown positive ROAS for almost all of our clients. Despite being one of the most effective advertising methods, only 10 of the 50 luxury hotels we analyzed were implementing some form of a paid search campaign.

Last year, HeBS released the article: The monthly eNewsletter sent by HeBS on behalf of its clients always includes the latest hotel offers, events in the area, and email-only promotions. The Hotel and the Concept of the Campaign As mentioned above the client was a luxury 5-start hotel in Mykonos.

We utilized a variety of digital marketing tools, techniques and our own proprietary research tools to form our findings. What about true travel directories that just aggregate hotel pricing information in order to provide their visitors with the best price?

The budget should then be overhauled to become ROI-centric—and any online advertising that has not proven to bring ROIs in the past should be removed.


After all, if you fail to plan, you plan to fail. The subject of this case study is the social media campaign of a luxury hotel.

During the last year we have made sure that those accounts were active and we regularly posted interesting messages, videos and news for the travelers.

Make sure your website is designed to be indexed easily by the search engines straying away from things like Flashwork on your brand continually, and write really relevant content on a regular basis to keep the search engines coming back we will touch more on this later on.

In this economy, hoteliers should re-evaluate their overall budget, and shift funds from offline to online. In fact, other travel directories trust it enough to use TripAdvisor reviews on their own sites.

Smart hoteliers using the Direct Online Channel can outsmart the competition and increase market share.

The previous website did not have a consistent or user-friendly navigation, was not optimized for the search engines, looked very outdated, and it did not have rich photos of the destination. Paid search is such a fundamental step to any digital marketing strategy for a very simple reason - when people are using a search engine they are further along in the buying process than someone who is just browsing the web and sees a native in-content advertisement.

Organic Search 50 of 50 using While Search Engine Optimization SEO was once the most fundamental digital marketing tactic and most loudly trumpeted by marketers, Google the highest trafficked website in the world is making it harder and harder for marketers to affect and measure where they rank on the search engine.Luxury Resort & Spa Case Study.

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The subject of this case study is the social media campaign of a luxury hotel. The hotel’s marketing department had both communication and commercial objectives.

Nevertheless this campaign’s main goal was to affect the online reputation of the hotel. By Doug Logan.

The internet has changed the way we plan our vacations and travels, but have luxury hotels & resorts kept pace with it?

Marketing for Luxury Hotels

As more and more affluent consumers use the internet as their primary travel and vacation planning resource, there is a greater need for luxury hotels & resorts to ensure they are using current, unique digital marketing.

80 DAYS Marketing case studies show the range of solutions we provided for luxury hotels and premium travel sector. Meeting market needs is our goal. Analyzing the social channels of 10 giants of the luxury industry using Talkwalker to discover the hidden secrets of a successful social media strategy.

Case Study - Luxury Wars On Social Media - 10 Luxury Brands Go Head To Head - Talkwalker. Marketing for Luxury Hotels. Drive Direct Sales with a Targeted Marketing Plan.

Luxury Wars On Social Media - 10 Luxury Brands Go Head To Head

At the core of your the marketing strategy of any hotel lays internet marketing/5().

Luxury hotel internet marketing case studies
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