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The page number location must be consistent throughout the Electronic thesis psu. Supplemental files must be submitted using acceptable file types; for information click here. See additional information in Order of the ETD.

Preparing and Submitting Your Thesis or Dissertation

We also suggest you review all of these submission instructions in advance. Even with the power of search engines, valuable information is sure to fall through the virtual cracks of the interweb. Please use a long-term email address such as gmail. Order of the ETD Title page this page does not carry a page number.

Throughout the body of your ETD, tables and figures must be numbered in sequential order, and they must be listed in Electronic thesis psu List of Tables and List of Figures Electronic thesis psu the same order that they appear in your ETD.

We will contact you directly once we have certified you for graduation. As a staff assistant in the College of Agricultural Sciences, Arnett helps faculty with a wide range of projects, from researching new educational strategies like flipped classrooms to helping create new websites.

Electronic thesis psu The format and placement of the References section are dependent on the type of document you are submitting.

October 6, Lynda. Page numbers may be placed in one of three locations: July 30, Penn State scientist turns to ScholarSphere to share his disease-fighting discoveries A pro at navigating the labyrinthine hallways in the Chemistry Building, Scott Showalter, a researcher and associate professor of chemistry, maneuvers from his office, class and a handful of laboratories throughout the day.

If you are placing your page numbers at the top of the page, adjust the header to 1", then adjust the top margin to 1. For doctoral students, it is complete after receiving the approval notice and completing the Survey of Earned Doctorates.

Captions for tables and figures may be reduced to a minimum 10 point font. A printing issue in Pollock Lab was resolved around 5 a. Each of these sections must begin on the top of a new page. Beginning with the first page of Chapter 1, the pagination changes to Arabic numerals, i.

If you are a doctoral student who has an approved Co-Chair, enter both the Chair and Co-Chair names in this section. If any of the chapters, major sections, or papers included in the document have been previously published, you must include a note indicating that it has been published and provide the full citation at the start of that chapter.

You will need to prepare your document according to these instructions. Using the left-hand menu, you can return to any page and make changes until the point of final submission make sure you save the changes at the bottom of the page. Mathematical formulas, schemas, and computer code should not be identified as figures.

The table and number figuring can either be sequential throughout the entire document, or each paper can have its own table and figure numbering. The name you use must match the one that is on your approval sheets and on the LSU database. Make any revisions that are required by your committee and secure final approval of your document from your committee and major professor.

If each paper has its own numbering, the tables and figures must be clearly outlined by paper in the List of Tables and List of Figures. You can copy and paste your abstract into the box without formatting it.

Penn State University Libraries

Whatever numbering format you use, you must be consistent throughout the ETD. The terminal reference section must be placed immediately after the last chapter. Before proceeding, please review the Steps to Graduationas the graduation process generally begins the semester before you intend to graduate.

Electronic Thesis and Dissertation (ETD) Formatting Requirements

The Digital Commons Process In order to submit your document for review, you will first need to create a Digital Commons Electronic thesis psu and heed the following instructions: Supplemental files must be listed and described in an appendix of the ETD and identified by name, file type, size, required application software, and any special hardware requirements.

However, we would suggest you consider ordering bound copies from the Trappist Abbey in Lafayette, Oregon. A page number must be printed on every page. For the multi-paper format, it is most typical that each chapter will have its own reference section. We would suggest you explore the entire site in advance; the submission steps are detailed on the left-hand menu.

If references are used in the Introduction and Conclusion chapters, those chapters would have their own reference sections as well. If revisions are needed, it is much easier to revise the Word document, then reconvert it to a PDF, than it would be to modify the PDF.

You will need to decide whether you would like to release your document to the public upon final approval or restrict access to your document.

Use the link provided in the email to confirm your account.The thesis will be in a technical and grammatical form that is acceptable to the student's committee. The committee may require the candidate to employ the services of a technical editor (at the candidate's expense) to aid the candidate bringing the thesis into conformity.

Electronic thesis can be submitted. Visit The Graduate School Thesis. Electronic access to the full text of Penn State dissertations for Penn State users. Includes a small number of Penn State master’s theses.

Enter Pennsylvania State University in the box for University/institution. Search by author, title, subject, or advisor’s name.

Welcome to the Graduate School section of the eTD database. The primary purpose of a thesis or dissertation is to train the student in the process of scholarly research and writing under the direction of members of the Graduate Faculty.

PSU» OGS» Electronic Thesis and Dissertation (ETD) Submission Instructions. Electronic Thesis and Dissertation (ETD) Submission Instructions.

Before You Begin. DO NOT wait until the last minute to submit your ETD. As with many things (such as writing your thesis or dissertation!), the process will take longer than you think. Also, there. Preparing and Submitting Your Thesis or Dissertation The LSU Digital Commons digital repository archives and makes accessible research, publications, data, and other institutional records produced by LSU faculty, students, and units.

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Electronic thesis psu
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