Computer science honors thesis

Let us speak plainly here. Interested students should contact their CS departmental advisor to learn more about the program and how the courses fit into their plan of work. This can be done at the same time as your research proposal.

The GPA in the major is determined as follows: Be sure to include a description of the project, major milestones ands that you hope to achieve. Improved Partitioning of Convection-Diffusion Problems. The selection will mostly be based on research areas — your favorite theory professor might not be the best person to supervise a systems project.

J Andrew Holey, advisor. The CS Undergraduate Advisor will announce this date to the CS honors thesis students Computer science honors thesis year as soon as this date is determined.

Procedures and Guidelines Think about possible topics. Developing a model that tracks the flow of chemicals in and out of a lake which will be able to predict the concentration of the chemicals in the lake. It is not possible to give explicit guidelines for how much originality is enough, since it will vary by area and topic.

Copies will be made available for future participants of the departmental honors program.

Honors program

This will allow, for instance, one ERF to be used as a preconditioner and another ERF to be used to iteratively solve the linear system by simply switching back and forth between the forms through scaling and permuting.

However, some students might prefer to do the implementation part of the project over winter or summer break and write up the results afterwards. The current study is an attempt to make a machine vision model that correctly identifies the color of a section of a Mondrian display a poster made of many colored sheets of paper named after the painter Piet Mondrian regardless of the spectral composition of the illumination.

Then you would have something concrete to write about in your statement of purpose when you apply to graduate schools in the fall of your senior year.

Department of Computer Science and Electrical Engineering

Chris Lusena Ellen Alberes. After submitting the thesis proposal, both you and your faculty advisor should already know what your thesis will look like.

Type into the following fields: In this contest artificial ants battle for food and survival in virtual worlds. When you produce your thesis, make sure that it has the following elements: When should I do my honors thesis?

Honors Program

Deadlines for classes and your regular extracurricular activities seem to take precedence.View Computer Science Honors Theses. Steinberg, David. ().

Shots: A High-Performance Web Templating Language. Honors Thesis The computer science major requires each student to complete a research project.

Most satisfy this requirement by completing CSCIbut some choose to pursue an extended independent research project guided. Computer Science majors of junior or senior standing with at least a grade point average in CS courses are eligible to join the Departmental Honors Program.

Complete CSC Honors Thesis (three or six credits). The thesis is a paper presenting the results of the student's independent research. The length of the thesis may vary according to the nature of the topic and method of approach.

The honors thesis is an opportunity for students in the computer science departmental honors program to engage in an academic research project under faculty supervision. The research project should be primarily driven by the student’s interest.

Honors students engage in independent work culminating in the writing of a senior thesis, and are considered for graduation with honors in the major. The experience of participating in an independent research project and of writing a senior thesis can be particularly important for anyone who intends to study for the Ph.D.

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Computer science honors thesis
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