Cause and effect early marriage

It is meant to be a vehicle of great happiness, and it will be when you study it and all its aspects. A person who believes that marriage is easy can also caused Early Marriage. Control over sexuality One of the leading causes of early marriage is the over-emphasis on virginity and chastity of girls and the consequent control of the sexuality of women and girls.

The Effects of Early Marriage is Poverty. Early marriage which is also referred to as child marriage is common all over the globe and has inflicted dangerous and devastating effects on young children who are compelled to tie the knot in most cases.

The suitability of the two partners may also be ignored which can adversely affect the life of girl children. These girls are believed to be more likely to submit easily and accept the traditional gender norms without questions.

Customs and Traditions Customs and traditions are an integral component of many societies including Indian society. This exposes the mother and her children to psychological and other health problems.

Children whose mothers were married early tend to marry early; thus creating generations of child wives.

What Are the Effects of Early Marriage?

Child marriage is also indicative of the levels of development Cause and effect early marriage a region or country and is generally conducted between very young girls and older men. Lack of Alternatives Many parents do not find themselves in a position to support the girl child so she can pursue her schooling, and not many girls in areas where this practice is common have any careers to look forward to.

Motivating and informing their families against the adverse effects of child marriage. The law of cause and effect is the very basis of the universe. Early marriage can arise due to a number of reasons such as these: Parents can find it difficult to resist such pressures.

On the other hand, what are the Effects of Early Marriage? Developing relational alliances amid families for other business or financial upholds. There are no coincidences in life, and, in the absolute sense, there are no accidents either. Certain teenager is much focus on their peers and partners than to their studies.

Denial of personal development and education. Everything that happens, without exception, is a reaction of some earlier thought, word, or action for every action there is an opposite and equal reaction.

The popular expression is karma, usually used to speak of bad things that happen or what one wants to happen to anyone horrible who has crossed them. Marriages that are bound by love are satisfying, but allowing a child to marry early has consequences.

Marriage is considered to be the ultimate goal of every girl and early marriage is seen as a way the girl can quickly adapt to family life and responsibilites. Lack of awareness of the law related to child marriage While the Prohibition of Child Marriage Act, has made Child marriage a serious and punishable offense, awareness of the law, its clauses and implications is still severely limited Lack of political commitment The involvement of the local political community in the organisation and implementation of child marriages at the local level makes ending the practice an uphill task as these politicians are more likely to be assured the vote of the communities they govern over.

Consequences of early marriage

Gender Inequalities in the society. Bad Habits can also cause Early Marriage. There is nobody and nothing you can ultimately blame for whatever marriage troubles you may find yourself in.

Had you controlled the criticism at the point when it was merely a thought, or a feeling, the bad karma would never have been created. Some people especially teenagers are not basically aware on sex education.

Paragraph on Child Marriage: Causes, Effects, Solutions

Economic or financial inability of the family. Because of the age differences and the attendant poor communication, many early marriages in early divorce or separation.

In order to understand this principle we must turn to the lives of various supermen, like Solomon, Mother Theresa, St. You use your will to say, do, or think something. Society, therefore, exerts pressure on its members not to abandon early marriage practices.

This staggering statistic indicates a clear correlation between maturity and the success of a marriage. Anxiety about suitable matches Caste, class, sub-castes etc.of early marriage on the girl-children in the sub-County.

The study was guided by radical feminist theory which analyzes patriarchy as the cause of women’s oppression and this in turn. The Effects of Early Marriage In the poem, "Betrothal in B Minor," it implies that marriage is a war and a struggle in life.

Getting married before the age of eighteen would be a huge struggle for the girl. Mar 20,  · the causes and effects of early marriage Early Marriage is a poor state that a human will be interfering with. From an Early Age, we meet other people including our opposite sex.

Child marriage is common in many parts of the world, claiming millions of victims annually--and hundreds of thousands of injuries or deaths. Learn more.

The Convention on the Rights of the Child is designed to guarantee certain individual rights--which are abused by early marriage. Rights undermined or lost by children forced to marry early.

The effects of early marriage can vary depending on the age of the individual and the culture, but early marriage poses more problems than benefits for the partners involved. A forced early marriage arrangement neglects both human rights and individual choice.

Individuals who are immature (at any. Getting married before the age of eighteen would be a massive struggle for young girls. In several countries, young girls between the ages of seven and fifteen are frequently married to older men by force.

Cause and effect early marriage
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