Blood brothers evaluation coursework

The sweater vest was ripped and had holes in it, and it was a lot bigger than Mickey which we could assume was because it was a hand-me-down. He wanted the audience to realise how much of a difference your class made on your life and how wrong that was.

The man playing Mickey was very good with staying in role; also he spoke clearly and confidently, and knew when to come in. Also, the narrator never had any direct light, as if he was just part of the background, not involved with the rest of the characters.

The Johnstone family spent their lives on the left-hand side of the stage and the Lyons on the right. There were only two main changes in scenery, which was when the families were re-housed into the countryside. They sang clearly and in my opinion, sounded like the CD.

After Mickey came out of prison he was slow in his speech and movement. The actor was still able to play a 7 year old by using effective gestures and vocal techniques.

The characters stayed in role throughout the play and never hesitated with their speeches. It would be hard for the audience to imagine that the child they saw only minutes ago had transformed into an ill man. This was very good acting, from a cast that knew their stuff!

Trough the use of narration a sense or dramatic ironing was created amongst the audience. However when he grew up, he was very considerate and scared of how his reactions would have an effect on people like Linda and Mrs.

GCSE: Blood Brothers

Willy Russell wrote the play to highlight the fact that your socio-economic status had a real impact on your life. Hire Writer The way the stage was angled also added to the effect of the play — there seemed to be a minor tilt towards the audience, which allowed them to get a better view of the action.

She, in my opinion played the part very well. The council estate was dark and dingy then suddenly as you looked to the right of the stage there was one big house that lit up the stage.

I could learn a lot from this performance — how to improve my stage techniques e. The stage was split in half. Firstly only Mrs Johnstone, Mrs Lyons and the audience knew who the twins really belonged to. By the director choosing to contrast the socio-economic classes like that he was able to use levels.

This improved the play significantly — after all, who likes to watch a play where actors are reading from scripts? Mrs Johnstone did have the power to say no but because she worked to Mrs Lyons; I think that she felt inferior to her.

If I were directing the play I would have made Mrs Johnstone put up more of a struggle to stop the knife touching her. For example, when Mrs.

Blood Brothers Evaluation

As I have stated above it really showed the contrast in class. Projection throughout the play was consistent and very good — I was sitting near the back, yet I could hear everything the characters were saying this, however may be due to the use of microphones.

This seemed very obvious to me and I was not surprised how the story unfolded. This meant it was easier for the audience to see what was going on in my opinionand I thought this was a very effective technique. Instead, the characters moved the props while the others were still in role. The play was set out in what is called framed.

Blood Brothers Evaluation Essay

Lyons attempted to attack Mrs. Mickey had flipped and was pointing the gun at Eddie. Eddie and Mickey were able to portray the ages of 7, 14 and 21 very well. For example, when Mickey is playing outside his house, the music is very childlike and harmless.

For example when Mickey first appeared on stage at the age of 7 his hair was messy and he had mud stains on his face and knees. The way the stage was set out meant there were people all over the stage, not just in one place.

He was appropriate for the part he played. Seeing as the songs are used to further the plot, this was quite annoying. The characters emotions were also fantastic. I feel that it was Mrs Lyons was the main reason for their death. Everyone one in the audience was still waiting for the gun to go off.

With the use gesture and movement the audience could see that Mickey was depressed. He, in my opinion rehearsed well to create an accurate impression of this character that looked real.Blood Brothers – The Evaluation Essay.

On the 12th of Februarywe went to the Phoenix Theatre in London to watch a production of Willy Russell’s Blood Brothers.

Blood Brothers – The Evaluation Essay

This was a play about two twins separated at birth and how they grew up in completely contrasting lifestyles. In my opinion, the play was excellent.

The play that we went to see was called “Blood Brothers” - Blood Brothers Evaluation Essay introduction. The date of the performance was 4th Februaryat the Phoenix Theatre.

The play was about two families. One was a working class family and the other was a middle class family. The mother of the working. On 27th March, I saw a performance of Blood Brothers at the Phoenix Theatre in London - Blood Brothers Evaluation introduction.

Blood Brothers Evaluation Essay - Part 2

After already reading the book, I didn’t think I would enjoy the play very much. I found the story boring and didn’t have much interest in it until nearer the end. The Drama Medium.

Evaluation of Blood Brothers, by Willy Russell Essay examples Words | 8 Pages Evaluation of Blood Brothers On 3rd March I went to the Phoenix Theatre in West End to watch a production of one of Willy Russell's greatest plays, Blood Brothers.

Evaluation Of The production Blood Brothers The production I went to see was Blood Brothers. The version I saw was performed at the Regent Theatre and written by Willy Russell it was a scripted piece and was written for young adults as some concepts would be unsuitable for children.

Blood Brothers Evaluation. The Use of Sound/Music In the play, music was used to demonstrate the certain state of mind that character was in. For example, when Mickey is playing outside his house, the music is very childlike and harmless.

Blood brothers evaluation coursework
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