Article writing websites like iwriter pro

Topics range from general information to interviews to review articles and more. Before you write, you should read previous articles they have published. Your profession, geographical area or who you keep company with is not an issue at all.

The industrial script is majorly for film and TV shows fans. Television, Wrestling, Film, Gaming, and Comics. Next, you write 2 or 3 main points before moving to the next step. While the company does not mention how or how much it pays, you need to submit your full article for review. What matters most is your ability to write and follow instructions to the letter.

You will receive payment through Pay Pal only. You also need to be a web designer who can write well and stay away from inspirational or showcase materials.

Your fee depends on how many words you write and how good it is. The length of your article can be between and 1, words.

Sites Like

This will help you to directly reach the people who are looking for blog writers or copywriters, and you will save enough money. Your list of topics can include or fall between web design and development.

QualityText Earn money by producing content for advertisers. Anything less will not be accepted. Requirements of Being a Writer on Industrial Script Industrial Script is in search of writers who are hell-bent on advancing their career as an author, a screenwriter or a filmmaker.

Writers are allowed to join from any country or region. There is a wide range of related topics to choose from.

Pass mark is 13 out of The writers should basically be retailers in an online retail industry. All they say is that they will pay an honorarium on publication. Their list of rules is not that long. The rates differ with individuals as well as the pitch of the story or columns presented.

PayPal is not supported by Medium for now.

Are You a Freelance Writer? Check These 20 Sites that Pay You to Write

Unfortunately, The Change Agent does not say how it will pay your fee. You are free to choose your favorite topics and set the number of articles you are able to write each day. Smashing Magazine Smashing Magazine is a periodical for knowledgeable people in a variety of professions.

Your experience can pay off for you in the long run. People who are deeply looking for another systematic and reliable revenue stream by complementing their other sources.These are well over 49 article writing websites similar to iWriter. Do you really want to make money writing for a living?

You are in the right place. Pay per article websites like this one are always good to check out. Claim a title from a large pool of assignments. iWriter is very similar to TextBroker in regards to claiming titles from a pool of assignments.

Writers are divided into three main categories, adding new writing websites that pay upfront and more. To the person who was talking about writing for odesk I find that out of all the blog and article writing jobs on there most of them are crap. Too many people want to pay anywhere from $1 to $3 per word article, and I even saw someone want to pay $3 for a word article.

iWriter: Content & Article Writing Service - Buy Articles. This addition to our list of websites like iWriter called Pro-Paper. This website guarantees quality writing, free revisions, and plagiarism free articles. The writers on this site are all native speakers, Ph.D. degree holders, and/or experience in academic writing.

May 10,  · Offering article writing services like iWriter has become an increasingly lucrative business with many companies, some of which only produce mediocre content, have set up websites claiming to be.

Article writing websites like iwriter pro
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