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Skilled workmen are expensive and hard to come by because most of them have transitioned into working for the tar sands.

Athabasca oil sands

At the present rate of development, in the tar sands will be release twice as much greenhouse gas as every car and truck in the country. A leak into this reserve could cause mass hysteria and a total annihilate of the economy in the mid-west. This would mean that the oil would be exported out of the United States and we would see an increase in domestic gas prices, much like the citizens of Alberta did.

The tar sands, commonly referred to as oil sands, must first be extracted from Alberta tar sands in canada essay land. This means there is no such thing as sustainable production of this resource. Leave the tar sand in the ground! InSuncor acquired the formerly Canadian government owned oil company, Petro-Canada[37] [38] which turned Suncor into the largest petroleum company in Canada and one of the biggest Canadian companies.

The plan is to expand and sell to the global market. He knows that environmentalist and Green Party members would rather die than vote republican, so even though these groups are angry, he still can count on their votes.

The effects of these tar sands might be showing up in our backyards, sooner rather than later. For more information, email info canadiandimension. Economically, cities around the tar mining pits are having tougher times than ever.

In Canada, Suncor Energy converted all of its Sunoco stations which were all in Ontario to Petro-Canada sites in order to unify all of its downstream retail operations under the Petro-Canada banner and discontinue paying licensing fees for the Sunoco brand.

Finally the oil is stable enough to be conveyed to refineries. InRobert Bellthe director of the Geological Survey of Canada, reported to a Senate Committee that "The evidence … points to the existence in the Athabasca and Mackenzie valleys of the most extensive petroleum field in America, if not the world.

Heavvy black viscous oil, bitumen can be harvested and refined to yield a high amount of fossil fuel.

Leave the tar sand in the ground!

The first government-sponsored survey of the oil sands was initiated in by John Macounand inG. Count Alfred von Hammerstein —who arrived in the region inpromoted the Athabaska oil sands for over forty years, taking photos with descriptive titles such as "Tar Sands and Flowing Asphaltum in the Athabasca District," that are now in the National Library and National Archives Canada.

If more and more of our oil comes from bitumen that simply means that more and more greenhouse gasses are going to be emitted. This type of surface mining uses large hydraulic and electrically powered shovels to dig up and transport the tar.

This is why oil sands are referred to as the Alberta tar sands in canada essay type of fuel known to mankind.

Several attempts to implement it had varying degrees of success. In the long run it must be shut down. History of the petroleum industry in Canada oil sands and heavy oil The Athabasca oil sands are named after the Athabasca River which cuts through the heart of the deposit, and traces of the heavy oil are readily observed on the river banks.

In Sun Oil also divested its interest in the company, although Suncor maintained the Sunoco retail brand in Canada. We will write a custom essay sample on Tar Sands or any similar topic specifically for you Do Not Waste HIRE WRITER There is the unavoidable fear that this pipe with leak partnered with the fact hat refining tar sands causes far more greenhouse emissions than traditional oil extracting methods.

Affectionately named Keystone XL, this plan for a highway of toxins is created by the energy infrastructure giants at TransCanada. Creatures that used to roam free have now been restricted to an ever shrinking habitat.

If the tar is down deep enough, underground heating by compressed air and steam injections are applied. As a result of these meek economic conditions, Alberta has seen an increase in substance abuse, family violence and gambling.

Their cultural heritage, land, ecosystems and health are being sacrificed for oil money in a slow industrial genocide. However, some experts had doubts. It oozes from every fissure, and into some bituminous tar well we can poke a twenty-foot pole and find no resistance.

By increasing those emissions three fold, we are pushing our planet into a state of run- away climate change. If it is allowed to continue, it will destroy forests and peat lands covering an area the size of Florida. There is currently a proposal for a pipeline to be built from the tar sands region in Alberta, all he way down the United States, to Texas.

The Canadian Ministry has stated that emissions from the gas sector as a whole will rise by nearly one-third from toeven as other sections of the country are reducing emissions immensely. Redeployment of tar sand workers and equipment to environmental restoration and cleanup. Many migrant birds stop in these ponds mistaking them for fresh water.

At the United Nations Climate Change Conference, Canada agreed to a 17 percent emissions reduction from to The project was conceived of as part of Operation Plowsharea United States project to harness the nuclear explosions for peaceful applications. Hoffman of the Geological Survey of Canada tried separating the bitumen from oil sand with the use of water and reported that it separated readily.

Work conditions in the tar sands consist of long hours, abusive situations, bad accommodation and remote locations.The Athabasca oil sands (or tar sands) are large deposits of bitumen or extremely heavy crude oil, located in northeastern Alberta, Canada – roughly centred on the boomtown of Fort oil sands, hosted primarily in the McMurray Formation, consist of a mixture of crude bitumen (a semi-solid rock-like form of crude oil), silica sand, clay.

The Alberta Oil Sands Oil has an immense significance in modern civilization. Humanity depends on oil for many things. Oil is used to create electricity, plastic, aspirin, and. The Alberta oil sands are spread across more than 54, square miles but we're taking a look at just a small part of that — the red line is an approximate outline of.

Tar Sands The majority of oil used by the United States as well as internationally soon may come from the tar sands in Alberta, Canada.

Extracting oil from tar sands is an extremely costly and immensely dirty way of obtaining fuel. Alberta Tar Sands in Canada Essay. Alberta Tar Sands in Canada Essay. Length: words ( double-spaced pages) Rating: Powerful Essays.

Open Document. Essay Preview. The reason for this report is to increase the reader’s knowledge on the Alberta Tar Sands, which will allow them to create their own opinions on the situation.

It is a. We will write a custom essay sample on Tar Sands Essay specifically for you for only $16 (“Oil sands economic benefits, UOA”). Northern Alberta, Canada has the third largest proven oil reserve in the world, “Alberta’s remaining proven oil reserves are 8 billion barrels ( billion barrels in the oil sands), or about 13 per.

Alberta tar sands in canada essay
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