A personal opinion regarding the controversial topic of affirmative action

Barack Obama on Civil Rights: I think what one can say is that in our society race and class still intersect, and there are a lot of African American kids who are struggling, that even those who are in the middle class may be first generation as opposed to fifth or sixth generation college attendees, and that we all have an interest in bringing as many people together to help build this country.

The answer lies in looking outside established networks and patterns of hiring.

One account suggested that high-income Asian American enrollment at top California universities actually decreased.

This means we can fairly assess the Asian American student who has lived on the streets, the African American student who has worked for the United Nations, and the Hispanic student who had parents that highly valued education.

Thus, the assumption is that African Americans and Hispanics deserve to fill a certain number of seats. Afterward there were further legislative and electoral challenges to affirmative action in many parts of the country.

This argument is an especially poor and dishonest one. It is a massive jilt of the scale. This argument is also different from the process-oriented one I mentioned earlier, as it is the outcome that is emphasized at the end of any process, African Americans and Hispanics should occupy a certain percentage range of spots.

In addition, they are rated as positively on personality traits as their white counterparts by alumni interviewers who have actually met the students. Proponents argue that Asian enrollment should be capped for the sake of diversity. Because you can justify any social goal as "good" or "noble" in some way, the subversion of individual protections for collective interests has been used to justify everything from simple diversity quotas to much more egregious human rights violations and systematic atrocities.

Apr 16, Apply affirmative action to poor white college applicants Q: Does the strange combination of thorough economic conservatism and social liberalism make Weld a libertarian? When you have a football game you have referees--that is the role of the government--to ensure that we have an inclusive economy and that all members of society have access to full participation.

Hillary Clinton on Civil Rights: It is a double standard unless you want quotas. Sarah Palin on Civil Rights: A group of good people that happens to be less racially diverse is not inherently better or worse than a group of good people that happens to be racially diverse.

Yet the question of how to remedy that situation is a delicate one. It is certainly doing so for Asian Americans. Here was something that required genuine merit.

Affirmative action

This disproportionate effect is perverse and counter-productive considering that the intent of affirmative action is to eliminate discrimination. Unfortunately for proponents of affirmative action, this argument is patently untrue.

Thankfully, there are laws on the books, there have been sincethat no woman could be discriminated against in the workplace in terms of anything, but especially in terms of pay. Laws should be "race-blind" to counter discrimination: However, using this argument to justify AA would categorize Asians as a monolithic whole and play into the model minority myth.

We have understood the pain and the injustice that has come because of race, because of gender.Gov. Brown vetoed a controversial, affirmative action-like bill that would have allowed public colleges and universities in California to consider demographic factors in admissions processes. Foreign opinion irrelevant to US affirmative action policy Indicate which principles you support regarding affirmative action and discrimination.

Affirmative action was a good policy back when race was a controversial problem but for the most part that problem is no longer.

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Our country has evolved and no longer faces prejudice, now this is just an unfair advantage for minorities. Affirmative action lowers value of degrees earned by minorities: Affirmative action creates an impression or a concern that black individuals that earn a particular degree, do so with the help of affirmative action, rather than by their own merits.

This diminishes the value that job-seekers and society place on these degrees, relative to ones. A Personal Opinion Regarding the Controversial Topic of Affirmative Action.

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An Introduction to the History of Affirmative Action in the United States. 2, words. 7 pages. An Analysis of the Affirmative Action and the Battle of Race by Martin Luther King Jr.

2, words. Affirmative action has been a sensitive and controversial topic in the workplace since its existence.

People on both sides of this controversial topic have been at each other’s throats for years and it does not seem to be going away anytime soon. A Personal Opinion Regarding the Controversial Topic of Affirmative Action PAGES 1.

Debate: Affirmative action

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A personal opinion regarding the controversial topic of affirmative action
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