A combination of liberal arts and

In general, however, the term refers to degree programs that aim to provide a broader spectrum of knowledge and skills. Your primary area will fall under one of three categories humanities, natural sciences, or social scienceswhile your secondary area should be in a related field of study.

Stepping stone to other careers: It includes instruction in independently designed, individualized, or regular programs. This degree combines general liberal arts coursework which is known to help develop critical thinking and problem-solving skills — crucial for getting through law school with targeted classes in legal studies.

This format is particularly attractive to nontraditional students, such as working adults or parents, who need a high degree of flexibility in school. The result was the Bachelor of Arts in Liberal Arts, a broad-based program that brings together coursework from five different departments.

In many ways, a liberal arts education is education for life. After collecting and sorting all the information, we ranked the candidates according to their performance in each area. Skills gained from a liberal arts degree Across the world, advocates of liberal arts education criticize the educational formats and curriculums of other degree programs for their over-emphasis of technical capabilities while neglecting other vital skills.

What are Liberal Arts, Humanities & General Studies Majors?

But who will be the first to eliminate athletics and manicured campuses — some of the most costly items at any university? These interdisciplinary concentrations cover unique areas of study like Entertainment Technology, Social Issues, and Ethnoarchaeology.

An undisciplined world With improved learning and greater transdisciplinary skills, our experience with BLAS suggests that more innovative curricula and degree programs are needed.

Every student here must major or minor in business while simultaneously enrolled in a basic core of liberal arts courses. Combining Business and the Liberal Arts Bentley University, where I serve as dean, offers just one example of this new educational fusion.

I absolutely think the liberal arts can be enhanced and in some ways made even more relevant by incorporating elements of engineering or technology into a core classic liberal arts education. As such, this online liberal arts studies degree includes specific course requirements in areas like foreign language, ethical inquiry, and communications.

So, in a modern context, what is liberal arts education? We offer bachelor of arts degrees in political science and international politics. From arts, they will also learn about developing arguments, and about understanding, moving, and changing the minds of diverse audiences.

Meanwhile in Asia, discussions about introducing liberal arts have started to gain momentum in the past yearwhile there is as yet only one liberal arts college based in Africa — Ashesi University in Ghana, founded in They develop, for example, a policy for high school English, or a strategy for tertiary math instruction.

To help you out, here are some of the key skills gained from a liberal arts degree for a typical student: Our undergraduate program promotes an understanding of crime and the criminal justice system and how they are related to human behavior, social environments, and government policy.

Liberal Arts

At the core of economics are theories of how individuals, firms, and other organizations make choices and interact, taking into account constraints on their behaviors. An innovative approach to curriculum design would involve experts from various fields.

The department also offers two new bachelor of science degrees -- one in political science, the second in social data analytics -- that emphasize data analysis and research across all areas of political science.

Combining Liberal Arts With A Business Degree

Graduates understand problems, generate solutions, and communicate those solutions to others. Anthropologists study living people across cultures and populations; past people through fossil, archeological, and historical records; as well as living and extinct nonhuman primates.

Provides an excellent foundation for graduate study in health care, law, business, or other fields. Ranking Factors After compiling a list of all the colleges that offer online liberal arts studies degrees and meet the above criteria, we then collected data in three categories: Employers desire transferable skills skills employees take with them to any job typical of a liberal arts education.

The challenge is in finding ways to make substantive, hands-on connections with technology, exposure to technology and understanding of technology through engineering, through computer science classes accessible to non-engineering majors.

Read more about the best cheap online liberal studies degree programs below! Whereas universities tend to prioritize research, liberal arts colleges have more staff members dedicated to teaching full-time, rather than a combination of graduate student teaching assistants and research professors.Liberal Arts Education Prepares Students for Work and Life Learn why a liberal arts education is valuable and marketable in today's society, according to the Minnesota Private College Council (MPCC).

Liberal Arts Skills That Are Most Useful in Careers A short list of. Liberal arts and Christianity seem like two separate concepts to most, but together they create a harmonious setting for an individual to grow in a multitude of ways.

A Liberal Arts College creates a life long thinker that becomes adaptable to society using their knowledge to make decisions.

Which Is Better: Pre-Professional or Liberal Arts Education?

Combining Liberal Arts With A Business Degree By Lynn O'Shaughnessy on February 3, in Academic majors, Academics Not long ago on this blog and over at my college blog at CBS MoneyWatch I explored the prominent trend on campuses across the.

The Promise of Interdisciplinary Education: Blending STEM and Liberal Arts Joseph Helble | Dean of the Thayer School of Engineering, Dartmouth College Liberal arts programming is extremely valuable, but administrators should look to blend liberal arts and engineering education to produce better-rounded, workforce-ready graduates.

What is a Liberal Arts Education?

Blending Liberal Art & Business Education By: E. Byron Chew and Cecilia McInnis-Bowers Business educators and colleagues in the liberal arts have not found the ideal bridge, from the student's perspective, that provides a meaningful connection between the two domains.

By BVS Staff June Welcome to our list of some of the most affordable online liberal arts studies degree programs in the United States.

What is Liberal Arts Education?

Unfortunately, many people assume that a degree in the Liberal Arts is all but worthless; on par with degrees in English and History, some critics insist that these degrees don’t adequately prepare students for the most in-demand careers.

A combination of liberal arts and
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